Mary E Franz LCSW,CEAP

On a More Personal Level:

  • "Finding the Love of Your Life"
  • "Making Marriage Work"
  • "Beyond Grieving"
  • "Divorcing with Dignity"

Requested Areas of Interest for Growth Include:

  • Communicating Effectively & Efficiently
  • Managing Stress
  • Conflict Management
  • Time Management
  • The Passionate Employee
  • Managing for Passion
  • Living with Passion
  • Relationship Building
  • Building on Strengths
  • Transcending Personal Barriers

Mary E. Franz LCSW, CEAP approaches each client with great care to understand the needs and outcome they desire.  Together with her client, she creates the environment and resources which align and embolden the client's vision of success.

The learning approach could include individual and group sessions in the office or by telephone contact.


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