Mary E. Franz LCSW, CEAP

Intelligent Approaches to Complex Situations

Your Knowledgeable Connection to Relationship Success

Types Of Services Offered:

Personal Consultation

Business Consultation

Individual Coaching/Therapy Leadership Training
Marital Coaching and Therapy Team Development
Personal Growth Seminars Executive Coaching
Conscious Dating Seminars Critical Incident Responder

With over 27 years as a professional, Ms. Franz brings a depth of knowledge, understanding and emotional intelligence to her consulting relationships. Her experiences as a manager, supervisor, academic/clinical faculty and psychotherapist included positions with the Sedgwick County Health Department, Rainbow's United, Tabor College, Baylor College of Medicine, BenTaub Hospital, Rosewood Hospital, Gulf Coast Medical Center, Riceland MHMRA Emergency Screening and several EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) through major insurance company providers.

Ms. Franz grew up in the Midwest and completed her undergraduate degree in social work at Tabor College. Graduating with her Masters in Social Work from the University of Kansas in 1980, Ms. Franz came to Houston in 1985 because she was chosen to receive the prestigious Postgraduate Fellowship in Clinical Social Work from Baylor College of Medicine. As the Social Work Fellow, Ms. Franz was introduced to the diverse professional opportunities in the Texas Medical Center as well as the wider Houston Metropolitan Area. Texas became her new home.

In her independent business, Ms. Franz provides consultation for individuals, couples and business groups including several major Employee Assistance Programs servicing employees at leading oil gas and manufacturing industries, engineering corporations, business owners, as well as county, state and federal government branches. Ms. Franz develops bridges between people by establishing safe, trusting, and responsive environments—where all people can learn.

She has developed and facilitated interactive programs on communication, relationship building, discovering interpersonal styles, coping with stress, managing conflict, life/work balance, grief, and coupling strategies. Additionally, she is a part of a Critical Incident Stress Management Team which is available to provide appropriate crisis intervention throughout Houston. 

Valuing ongoing education and support, Ms. Franz is an active member of the Houston Employee Assistance Professional Association. EAPA addresses current business concerns which impact work performance and productivity.

                             Ms. Franz’s Distinguished Accomplishments & Associations Include:

Assistant Professor, Tabor College
Clinical Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
Licensed Clinical Social Worker—State of Texas
Academy of Certified Social Workers
Certified Employee Assistance Professional
Employee Assistance Program Association 
Inscape Publishing Distributor
Cohen Associates CISM Team




Mary E. Franz LCSW, CEAP
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